The santized ritual.


Every brew day starts and ends with a ritual of cleaning and sanitizing. It can not be stressed enough on the importance of this ritual. I have learned to love and embrace it as part of making the wonderful, alcohol filled, fizzy beverage we call beer.

Beginner home brewers find out very quickly that a brew day is 70% cleaning and 30% brewing. If they don’t take care to kill off all the potentially harmful critters to their beer they find out four two six weeks later what they can do. Even when your brew day is over there is another hour or two in cleaning.Its because of this reason that many people don’t try or give up on home brewing after one or two batches. They just don’t see the reward for all the work.

Contamination is one of my biggest fears in brewing. I worry that all my work to make 5 gallons of beer could be lost because I didn’t sanitize or clean something properly. In order to make sure I don’t have this happen I created a routine that I follow each and every time. It may take time but you will eventually know exactly what you will need on brew day and what does and does not need to be sanitized. I almost don’t want to jinx myself but to this day as long as I follow that routine I have not had a contamination. My cleaner of choice is Star San (Don’t fear the foam!).

So, to sum this up I encourage you to create a ritual and good routine that you follow each time you brew. Tweak it along the way until your getting consistent result, then set it in stone.  Don’t give up on brew just because you don’t like cleaning. Learn to love it. Your taste buds will thank you.


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