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N8’s Rye Ipa


This is one of the best beers I have ever made.

It probably helps that it has rye malt in it. Rye beers were at one time not that prominent in the craft beer scene. As the years go by more and more breweries are putting out rye ales. I am in no way sad about that. Rye adds a great sour, sweet, tart, and bitter flavor to beer. Its hard to describe. Best word I have is YUM. This beer was originally a kit that was given to me at Christmas. The kit came with too little hops and from the distraction of alcohol I may have slipped on the additions times. I backed it all up by throwing in some Citra hops I had and recording my slip up in addition times. So in the end I created a new recipe and created one of my favorite home brews. Thank you alcohol for making me mess up and leading me to creating a fantastic beer.